You’re tired of trying to conceive month after month without getting results.

You can’t understand why if every test looks normal, you’re still not getting pregnant.

You’re going nuts trying to understand why having your first child was said and done but you’re not able to have a second one.

You fee lost and frustrated, and you want to understand the reason why you are not getting pregnant.

You refuse to believe that your only options are IFV or IUI, and you don’t feel ready for that yet.




You have the power to improve and optimize your fertility.

You have the power to regulate your menstrual cycle.

You have the power to control your mood swings and cravings.

You have the power to nourish your body and mind and thrive.

You have the power to stop depending on painkillers to get through the day, stop the headaches, the weight gain, the acne, the breast tenderness, the bloating, the insomnia…

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Why fertility nutrition?

How you eat and what you eat can have a profound effect on your hormonal health and fertility. More that you have ever thought. And definitely much more than your doctor tells you.

Research has not only demonstrated that there are known hormone-disrupting compounds in foods, chemicals, and stressors that affect fertility but also that conception rates improve when we eliminate these harmful products and support the body with the nutrients it needs. This is science backed. Research shows that nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your chances of conception by 40%.

You have more power over your fertility than you have been led to believe

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If you’re struggling to get or stay pregnant that’s a sign that something isn’t right with your health, even if you’ve never gotten a diagnosis from your doctor.


What Patients Say About Us


Beatriz has changed my life in ways I didn't expect. She was able to connect the dots in a way no other nutritionist or healthcare practitioner, for that matter, had done before. She has improved many things I suffered from, and after working with her, I can say I feel the happiest and healthiest I ever have. And on top of that, we got pregnant three months after working with her! She's incredibly, incredibly thorough. On our first meeting, we talked for over 2 hours, where she made an extensive medical history, and for the first time I felt heard and listened to. I also did a very extensive pre-survey with very specific questions about things that I wouldn't even think were related to my fertility. She discovered issues that my doctors didn't even ask me about. We looked at my hormones through a DUTCH test, and based on those results, she put together a plan for me based on balancing my blood sugar, which appeared to be driving all my menstrual issues, acne breakouts, and mood, and my crazy ups and downs. My skin cleared, I lost weight and felt more energy than I've ever felt in my life. I stopped having cravings, I stopped snapping at my husband, and I started sleeping better. And most importantly, I started having regular cycles, and in all of them, I ovulated! She's fantastic, and I can't be more grateful.


Beatriz is so great to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in all things women’s hormones, gut health and genetics. i have to be honest i was a bit skeptical when I started working with her, because she was busting all the myths I truly believed in (fat is bad, low carb is good, you have to die doing cardio…). There is so much conflicting info out there you don't know what to believe. Beatriz is the person to go. Working with her is like working with a friend, she has been through the same struggles that I did and she's was not afraid or embarrassed to let me know it. She is transparent and when you work with her you feel like you are truly part of something because of the way she embraces your goals. As she always says “we are a team, and your goals are my goals”. I felt heard and supported in every step of the way. Indeed, I keep working with her!

Daniel Thompson Entrepreneur

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I'm really happy to have done the 12-week program with Beatriz. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, not only for her professionalism but for the way she cares about her clients. Her knowledge is impressive and the clarity that she uses to explain everything, makes things really easy. My situation wasn’t easy. I have an autoimmune disease and have been trying to have my second baby for over 3 years. To my surprise, I got pregnant on the third month of working with her! It resulted in an ectopic pregnancy in the end, but this is something that happens to 1% of the population. The most important takeaway for me was to know that I CAN GET PREGNANT. My body, after following Beatriz’s suggestions on nutrition (and other areas), felt and is ready to conceive. And this is the biggest gift of all. Even after finishing the 12-week program, I’m re-adapting the learnings and the treatment to my current situation, and I’m positive that my wish will become true very soon. On top of everything, baby-wish apart, the most important part of this is that I feel healthy, that some issues caused by my autoimmune disease have stopped, and that I’m happy and energetic to take on any challenge that might appear. I can only thank Beatriz for her immense support, which has gone way beyond a client-practitioner relationship. I’ve gained a great friend!


Before working with Bea, I hadn’t had a natural period in over 3 years. Getting my period back wasn't even in my radar until my husband and I decided to start a family. I went to my OBGYN to find out I had PCOS, and she told me the only way I could get pregnant was through fertility treatments. My period was induced, i was put on Metformin and tried 3 rounds of IUI with no luck. I wasn't happy, so i also started researching about PCOS and found out that nutrition and lifestyle were big components of managing PCOS, but everything seemed too overwhelming. In this search I came across Bea's Instagram page. After reading through her posts, I scheduled an initial fertility assessment session with her. It was supposed to be a 30-minute call and she was with me for more than an hour. She asked questions my doctor had never asked and explained things to me that my doctor had never told me. She encouraged me to take some time to let my body heal and work on my stress levels. And after three failed IUI rounds I followed her advice. Only two months into working with Bea I got my first natural period! And got my period regularly until finding out that I was pregnant with a baby girl 8 months later! I’ve lost weight, gained both energy and confidence, without sacrificing my favorite foods. I also learned so many things about stress and how it can wreck chaos in your body. Work with Bea has been truly life changing for me!


I stated working with Beatriz through a friend of a friend. they were to college together. My husband and I had been dealing with unexplained infertility" for a little over 2 years. My doctors didn't seem to have any idea for us other than trying IUI or IVF. He literally told us, "I don't know what's going on with you". My friend told us about Beatriz and how she specializes specifically in unexplained infertility. We weren't ready for IVF yet and so we decided to try. Bea offered a clear, easy to understand step by step process that seemed to address multiple areas of our lives. We worked into understanding my menstrual cycle and the different signs that told there was something wrong. Everything she said to me made total sense. We found out that I was clearly not eating enough and not eating right for my fertility. She explained to me that my labs may seemed normal, but they were not optimal for fertility. Beatriz opened my eyes to a lot of areas in my life that I just wasn’t paying attention. I wasn't taking care of myself as I thought I was. Bea helped me understand that there was a reason behind our unexplained infertility and provided me with real answers and steps to take action. The result is we found out just three months after finishing my program her that we are pregnant! No IVF, no IUI. Can't be happier

LOVE Bea! Working with her has been such a blessing! From our first session. I wasn't looking for a pregnancy at the time, but I knew I wanted to be a mother in the future and I knew my hormones were a complete mess. I never felt rushed during our appointments, she took the time to explain everything in detail, and was always available via text, WhatsApp or email to help with anything. You can totally feel how Beatriz is passionate about what she does and truly cares about her clients. With her knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality, she not only has helped me taking charge of my hormones and regulate my cycles, but also, she has inspired me in more ways that she knows!


I contacted Bea after watching her in a live IG talking about unexplained infertility. When I listened to her, I knew I had to work with her. is felt as if she was talking to me. So, I contacted her and I was right. I made her 16-week program. We dig into nutrition, hormones, gut issues and minerals. She looked for things that my doctor didn’t even had on the radar. Turned out my thyroid was above what was optimal for pregnancy though still no doctor seemed to have a problem with this, but also, turned out I had huge amounts of thyroid antibodies. We also found out I had two parasites and a really bad bacteria overgrowth, I was dealing with gut inflammation and high cortisol levels. My husband and I decided to take a break from TTC and focus on my healing since so many things popped up. I truly didn’t know my digestive issues could be preventing me from getting pregnant! That was so eye opening! We worked on getting rid of the bugs, healing my intestinal lining, restoring my gut microbiome, while working on nutrient density, avoiding inflammatory foods, stress management and sleep. I kept working with her for another couple of months after the program was finished. My thyroid levels are optimal now, my antibodies are under detectable levels, I feel more energetic then ever, my sleep has substantially improved and my skin has cleared. But the most important part is that I feel ready to start trying again.

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